Start Your Wellness Journey

Improve your health and start your wellness journey with olive leaf extract today!

Here are a few things to know as you get ready to feel better:

How My Olive Leaf Extract Works

When you experience olive leaf extract for the first time, you may notice a strong odor from your stools due to the extract’s ability to aggressively remove various bacteria, viruses, worms, and excessive yeast within your intestinal tract. My Olive Leaf also continues to feed the good bacteria living in your gut that need nutrient-dense foods to function optimally. People diagnosed with chronic illnesses can have parasites living in their gut that need a different approach with homeopathic medicine that can work in sync with their body to get rid of the toxins in their system.

Your 7-Day Detox Plan

Remove bad bacteria and parasites from your body by supporting the natural functions of your colon and lower intestine with Your 7-Day Detox Plan. This guided roadmap promotes your body’s natural functions to strengthen and detoxify your immune system.

  • Before bed, take 2-3 teaspoons of My Olive Leaf Extract
  • Do not consume animal protein of any kind, i.e. meat and meat by-products
  • Consume plant-based nutrition with complementary fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Drink 0.5 to 1 gallon of water every day to stay hydrated and help you feel better