5 Ways Olive Leaf Extract Makes Your Cholesterol Management Easier


Whether you have struggled with high cholesterol numbers in the past or want to make sure they never get there, knowing what can help you make cholesterol management easier can be a struggle. The most important thing you can do to start improving your cholesterol numbers is to focus on high-quality nutrition that supports your body’s natural functions. When you do that, you get a boost of energy that will help you participate in activities that keep your heart happy and your levels low.

Cholesterol is the fatty wax-like substance your body needs to make essential hormones, create cell membranes, and support vitamin D production. You get the cholesterol your body needs from two primary sources: your liver and the foods you eat. Technically, your liver makes all the cholesterol your body needs and the remaining levels come from high saturated fat foods you consume like beef, poultry, dairy, and other meat-by products. Often high in saturated and trans fats, this makes your liver produce more LDL, or “bad”, cholesterol than you need. Here are five ways olive leaf extract can make your cholesterol management easier:


Medications can be expensive and not everyone has access to insurance or quality healthcare. Olive leaf extract is one of the most widely used herbal supplements with roots that began in ancient Mediterranean countries for its healing properties. Investing in your health now may seem like a high price to pay in the present, but you always pay more long-term when you don’t take care of yourself for the future. From ancient Greece to your kitchen cabinet, olive leaf extract can give you the support you need for a healthier lifestyle.

Long-Term Benefits

You didn’t get high cholesterol levels overnight and shouldn’t expect immediate results. Consistency and patience are critical to seeing long-term benefits with any supplement or medication. Still, you can speed up the process by limiting fried foods in your diet and keeping a consistent exercise routine. Olive leaf extract has bioactive compounds with hypolipidemic properties that balance cholesterol levels, which means unhealthy fat absorption decreases and utilization of healthy fats increases.

Multi-Beneficial Food Source

The best medicine starts with what you eat, but choosing the most nutritious foods can be confusing and not always satisfying. Olive leaf extract is multi-beneficial for overall wellness and is a significant first step in improving your diet. Adding olive leaf extract to your cholesterol management plan can give you a nutrient-dense food source that helps fight inflammation, improve healthy blood flow, and ultimately reduce high LDL cholesterol levels (Olmez et al., 2015).

Fewer Side Effects

When you take synthetic medication, there is always a higher likelihood of adverse side effects – it says it right on the bottle. Using a natural supplement with science-backed results can avoid the harsh side effects and support your body’s natural healing process. The side effects of prescription medications often solve one problem only to cause an entire list of others. Some studies have confirmed mild side effects like coughing, stomach pains, and headaches, so you should always talk to your doctor about any medications you’re taking before supplementing with olive leaf extract.

Holistic alternative to prescriptions

There is no doubt that prescription medications can be life-saving when necessary, but the issue that is that we rely on them to prevent and treat diseases that lifestyle change could fix. Olive leaf extract is a holistic alternative to prescriptions because it is a clinically proven natural and centuries-old medicinal remedy to manage high cholesterol levels. The point isn’t to reject life-saving prescription medicine that works – the goal is to prevent the need for life-saving measures in the first place.

Though your cholesterol levels may not show symptoms immediately, learning your HDL and LDL levels is vital to prevent severe illnesses like heart attack and stroke. My Olive Leaf Extract provides the highest quality plant supplement to help manage your cholesterol to return levels back to normal. Start your wellness journey today and feel better with My Olive Leaf extract today!

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